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K-Taping® Pro

professional  kinesiologic  taping courses

for physiotherapists, sports physiotherapists, ergo therapists, kinesio therapists and sports and rehabilitation doctors.

K-Taping® International academy is the biggest Professional taping school.

Courses: 23 – 24. September  2017  (2 days)   Vilnius

Start:            23.09. at. 09:30 am (registration from 9.00 am) – 17:00

24.09. from. 9:00 – 17:00

Venue: Vilnius Green Park hotel, Ukmerges g. 363, Vilnius (free parking place)

We have free places for course and participants can send aplication till Friday, 22 September

Theory: Basic principles of K Taping ® therapy. 4 basic taping techniques, their practical use, connectivity rules associated with specific therapeutic indications, Cross- taping, lymphatic correction tapes, etc.

Practice: K-Taping ® therapy for a variety of purposes – muscles, ligaments, fascia and correction methods, as well as the lymphatic correction techniques use. Cross Taping. NEW taping technics from KTA (see next page)

Course leader:      certified senior trainer from KTA Germany –  Roger Ehrenreich

Courses will be held in English.

Offer for fee: 179,00 EUR!

The course fee includes:

The full set for the launching: K-Tapes, Cross-tape, scissors (on place), unique colored taping workbook English; at course day is a two coffee breaks;

International     certificate of K Taping ® Pro course.

Document confirmation for 16 academic hours of this KTA International course.

During the courses you can purchase K-Tape ® Taping materials for a discount.

– kinesiologic tapes, whose quality appreciated and recognized by the leading specialists.

– high production quality is strictly controlled and is invariably high. Thanks to provides reliable professional requirements and is used around the world. Also used in paediatrics.


Using has developed an original method for various diagnoses as adjunctive therapy, training of professionals take the K-Taping ® International Academy.

Wellcome K-Taping® Pro training courses and learn new kinesiologic tape



e-mail: info@rehavita.eu    (for registration & questions)

Phone: +37129254654

www.k-tape.com; www.k-tape.com/k-taping-academy/

The K-Taping Pro program

The K-Taping professional course for physiotherapists, sport physiotherapists and physicians.

Theory: Basic principles of the K-Taping therapy. The 4 taping techniques, use of the basic taping techniques, combination rules related to specific indications,Cross-Taping, lymphatic correction tapes.

Practice: The application of K-Taping therapy for a large number of medical conditions using muscle, ligament, corrective and fascia correction taping techniques as well as all lymphatic correction taping techniques. Tapes for the following indications will be presented, amongst others: tinnitus, migraine, impingement syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, whiplash, ventilatory support, scoliosis, low back pain, jaw, facial nerve paralysis,carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis of the 1st CMC joint, finger rotation, finger extension, finger contusion, stabilisation of the wrist, hip problems, arthritis of the knee, achillodynia, sprained ankle, splay feet (pestransversoplanus), flat feet (pes planus), micturition disorders, menstrualconditions, prolapse of the uterus, constipation, abdominal spiral, irritablebowel syndrome, fracture/bruising of the ribs, arm rotation, leg rotation, scar tape. Nerve techniques, lymphatic correction techniques

Duration: 2 days

Certification: IKTP(P) Certificate by the International K-Taping Academy

                                                              KUMBRINK CROSSTAPE®          


Elastic K-Tape® for the K-Taping® therapy. High-quality cotton tape with a wave-like acrylic coating. Skin-friendly, water-resistant, sweat-permeable and breathable. Used and recommended by the K-Taping® Academy.

K-Tape® is equipped with the professional PHYSIOBOND® adhesive. PHYSIOBOND® is a registered trademark in Europe and the USA and is used exclusively for K-Tape®.

Do not use in wounds or skin diseases (neurodermatitis, psoriasis). For patients with sensitive skin, you should test the compatibility with a tape. Material: cotton / acrylic. Size: 5m x 5cm and 22m x 5cm

KUMBRINK CROSSTAPE®: S; M; L; XL – Sizes. Applications: On trigger points and acupuncture points. These are areas of high-energy that influence the conductivity of muscle, nerve and meridian functions. The specially developed fibre in the KUMBRINK CROSSTAPE® is charged up electrostatically when the special backing paper is removed, allowing it to influence conductivity.

KUMBRINK CROSSTAPE® is water-resistant and can be worn for several days without any restrictions.

Do not apply to wounds or skin diseases (neurodermatitis, psoriasis). In case of patients with sensitive skin, you should use one tape to test their tolerability.

Material: Polyester / Polyurethane / acrylic

More at: www.rehavita.eu

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