Teipavimo kursai (pediatrija)

K-Taping® Pediatrics
professional kinesiologic taping courses for physiotherapists, ergo therapists, kinesiotherapists and sports and rehabilitation children’s doctors.
K-Taping® International academy is the biggest Professional taping school.
Courses: 09 – 10. December 2017 (2 days) Kaunas
Start: 09.12. at. 09:30 am (registration from 9.00 am) – 17:00
10.12. from. 9:00 – 17:00
Venue: Hotel BEST BALTIC Kaunas A.Mickevičiaus g. 28, Kaunas, Lithuania
Theory and practice: taping techniques pediatrics, will be dealt with problems such as: poor posture and posture, limb deformities, Volkmann contracture, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, etc.. c. Basic principles of the KTaping ® therapy, taping techniques, their practical use, connectivity rules associated with specific therapeutic indications; contraindications, Cross-taping, etc. Collegial answers to your questions. See next page, please.
We will have clinical cases at theese course, as real patient taping!
Course leader: certified senior trainer from Germany – Roger Ehrenreich!
Courses will be held in English.
The course fees for two days: – 179,00 EUR (including VAT). Places are limited!
The course fee includes:
The full set for the launching: K-Tapes, Cross-tape, scissors (on the place), colored workbook English; at course day is a two coffee breaks;
International certificate of K-Taping® Pediatrics course.
Document confirmation for 16 training academic hours of this KTA International course.
During the courses you can purchase K-Tape® Taping materials for a discount.
kinesiologic tapes, whose quality appreciated and recognized by the leading specialists.
high production quality is strictly controlled and is invariably high. Thanks to provides
reliable professional requirements and is used around the world. Also used in paediatrics.
Using has developed an original method for various diagnoses as adjunctive therapy, training of professionals take the K-Taping ® International Academy.
Wellcome K-Taping® Pediatrics training course and learn more about kinesiologic tape
e-mail: info@rehavita.eu  (for registration&questions)

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K-Taping® Pediatrics summary
1. K-Taping paediatrics;
2. Poor posture and posture-related damage;
3. Deformities of the feet;
4. Plexus palsies;
5. Volkmann´s contracture;
6. Arthrogryposis multiplex congenital;
7. Cerebral palsy;
8. Spina bifida;
9. Before/after examples on the place; 10. Case presentations.
1. K-Taping for paediatrics
2. Poor posture and posture-related damage
– Poor posture due to anterior weakness
– Improving the alignment of poor posture
– Winged scapula (scapula alata)
– Leg axis
– Knee hyperextension
– Asym. malalignment of the axis organ
– Abdominal spiral
– Scoliosis
3. Deformities of the feet
– Deformities of the feet
– Spastic pes adductus
– Pes adductus posture
– Pes valgus
– Club foot
– Pes calcaneus
4. Plexus palsy
– Forearm correction
– Infraspinatus
– Correction of the hand
– Examples of plexus palsies
– Triceps brachii
– Increasing contact of the scapula with the thoracic wall
– Scar treatment using Cross-Tape
5. Volkmann´s contracture
– Scar treatment using Cross-Tape
– Palsy treatment
6. Arthrogryposis multiplex congenital
– Malpositioning of the knee axis
7. Cerebral palsy
– Right hemiparesis, correction of the thumb
8. Spina bifida
– Increase muscle tone in gracilis
– Muscle tape to decrease foot muscle tone
– Correction of the foot 9. Before/After examples – Thumb add.
– Correction of the leg axis
– Wry neck
– Poor posture
– Plexus palsy
10. Case presentations
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