Kineziterapeutų darbas intensyvios terapijos skyriuje

MOTOmed letto2 / Coronavirus / Intensive Care Unit / Brussels

MOTOmed letto2 Therapy in the intensive care unit at 
Chirec Delta Hospital Brussels in Belgium. A TV report on „RTL info“.
Besides doctors and nurses, there are also physiotherapists. Their work is important, also in the intensive care unit. The rehabilitation of some patients will take a long time.

Manu Conchuela, physiotherapist in the intensive care unit of the Chirec Delta Hospital, says: 
„I have been working in intensive care for 30 years, I have never seen a unit so full of all these intubated patients in such a serious condition!”
Manu Conchuela: 
„Within a few days the patient will have a so-called amyotrophy. The muscles are breaking down. In one week the patient loses 20% of the muscle mass. „Movement is very important!“

Once the patient‘s condition is stable, mobilization begins and treatment begins the earlier.

The fight against COVID-19 will be long and uncertain, because the disease is also new for physiotherapists.

Olivier Bry, a physiotherapist in the intensive care unit says: 
„Many of them have had breathing difficulties and long bed rest in the intensive care unit. They all have problems with muscle weakness after waking up and we as physiotherapists must try to regenerate them.“

Philippe Claes, department head at the Chirec Delta Hospital, says: 
„If we take the statistics relating to the respiratory syndrome of respiratory emergencies, we know that these patients will retain their muscular weakness for one year and even up to five years. 49 % of patients return to work after one year.“

„After escaping death, one must learn to live again.“​

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